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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is what drives us to create a naturally rich, homely environment, at Little Pipi. Our heart centred teaching and beliefs that infants and young children are equal human beings, creates an environment and culture full of kindness, love, care and respect. 

Home Away From Home

Our homely environment creates a feeling of comfort, peacefulness and calmness. The beauty in the environment grows the creative soul. The environment, setups and resources that we provide the children are carefully thought out and set up in a manner that is inviting and encourages creativity and thought. 


We are committed to sharing our passion for sustainability with our children and whanau. We understand that, in order for children to make the most of their world, they must first form an attachment with the earth. 

The Power Of Play

We are deeply passionate about play based learning. Our environment allows children to play out their impulses and be the script writers and explorers of their own play. Our daily flow allows children the time and space needed to potter, tinker, explore and create.




Rituals Not Routines

The rituals that guide our day promote a sense of whanau and community, there everyone has an equal say and genuine interactions from the heart occur. This is where our culture of kindness comes from - building a sense of equal belonging and rights in every part of Little Pip's daily programme, promotes ownership, team work and togetherness within our whanau. 

Our Relationships Are Key

Building relationships with our children are the most important part of our day. The relationships we strive to build are based on calmness, respect and love. We believe that when a child's emotional    well-being is nurtured, their spirits and confidence levels are full and the art of play is at it's finest.

Community Spirit

Our focus on our sense of community as well as the wider community is hugely evident in our daily Little Pipi lives. Getting out and about as a family, promotes values such as comradeship, love and unity, where we have each others back and are the leaders of our own learning and adventure. 

When out in the community, focusing on the natural world is our number one priority. Connecting with nature and learning as we go, allows us to be on a journey of discovery and wonder together. Learning from each other, taking risks and supporting each other is what we aim to achieve every time we set foot outside our gates. We are committed to our ritual of exploring our surrounding community, it provides us with the opportunity to slow down, smell the flowers and find inner peace and tranquillity.




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