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Please book a time by either contacting us through the 'contact us' section on our website or Phone 07 5752055

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Our philosophy is what drives us to create a naturally rich, homely environment, at Little Pipi Early Childhood Centre. Our heart centred teaching and beliefs, that infant and young children are equal human beings, creates an environment and culture full of kindness, love, care and respect.


Childcare with a difference.

We are deeply passionate about play based learning. Our environment allows children to out play their impulses and be the script writers and explorers of their own play. Our daily flow allows children the time and space needed to potter, tinker, explore and create.


If you would like to know anything please send us a message below.

Information packs can also be sent out if you wish.

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Phone: 07 575 2055

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Monday - Friday

7:30am - 5:00pm

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