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About Us

We are a passionate family owned small centre! Our small group sizes and low ratios clearly set us apart. We believe that every child deserves to spend their days in a calm and peaceful environment, where children are active participants in the rhythms, rituals and routines of the day, and they are given time and space to involve themselves in play and learning without being rushed and interrupted.


Our play-based program allows children to be the director of their own story! Where they are given the freedom to explore, learn and develop at their own pace.


We like to think of ourselves as one big family. We encourage our parents and extended whanau to be involved in our program when and where they can. Our focus of love, care and kindness for each other promotes empathy, comradeship, unity and understanding.


Nature plays a huge part in our program. We are big lovers of our beautiful planet, the living world and the community around us. We spend our days caring and respecting the natural and living world, and provide an abundance of natural and re-purposed materials in our centre setting.


We don’t hang around preschool all day! We love to explore our local community from eeling and learning about nature, to spending time at the beach and participating in our community gardens. Our little family loves to get out and about and make the most of what every day has to offer.

What can our Family offer you and Your Family?


-Family owned small centre, where children and families are at the heart of everything we do.

-A Home away from home environment we are an extended part of your family.

-Excellent teacher to child ratios

-Smaller group sizes

-Immersed and learning in nature and the outdoors

-Learning and adventures beyond our gates

-Beach and nature programmes

-So much fun on a daily basis

-Beautiful inviting set ups and spaces

-Natural open ended resources to explore

-Separate age groups

-Quality Environments inside and out

-Experienced, passionate, Qualified and adventurous teachers

-Individual and online Portfolios through story park

-We are so different to the rest so Pop in and see us today!


 What Little Pipi Provides:

*Nutritious, healthy morning and afternoon tea


*Individual bed linen


*Individual learning journeys

* Awesome teachers, mates and fun adventures

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