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Sessions & Fees

Under Threes


Half day session $25 per day

Short day (6 hour session) $35 per day

(5 short days per week) $165

Full Day $50 per day

(5 full days per week) $200

Over Threes

Using the 20 FREE hour scheme


Half Day session (FREE)

3 Short Days (6 hour sessions) FREE

4 Short Days (6 Hour sessions) $10

5 Short Days (6 Hour sessions) $30

Full Days $25 per day






Fee Information


Once a child is enrolled and confirmation of start date is given, all booked sessions will be charged regardless of whether a child attends or not. Two weeks written notice is required if your child is leaving the centre. Fees are payable during this notice period. In lieu of notice, 2 weeks fees will be charged.



Automatic payment and internet banking are our preferred methods of payment.

Fees are to be paid in at least 1 week in advance. After 2 weeks of non-payment with no explanation the enrolment will be cancelled and any fees due are to be paid immediately or the debt will be sent to Collection agency, and parents will be responsible for any costs incurred.



Childcare subsidies are available for fee assistance depending on the level of your family income.

Please talk to staff regarding this. Full fees will be charged until the centre receives the WINZ subsidy. Until this time parents are responsible for paying the fees. Any credit held will be refunded directly to the parent where applicable. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure all paperwork is processed and received by WINZ on time. Any delays will result in the parent having to pay full fees until the subsidy is received.


Holiday/Statutory Holiday/Sick Days/Absences

Fees will be charged when your child is absent due to sickness or any other reasons. Fees will be charged for all Statutory Holidays. We are unable to provide in lieu days for statutory holidays.

Once your child has been attending Little Pipi continuously for 6 months they are entitled to 2 weeks holiday with a 50% discount on fees, only if the account is at zero or in credit. Additional holidays will be charged at the full fee.



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