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Our Rooms



At Little Pipi we offer two spaces, our Infant and Toddler space and our Preschool space.

Our centre is homely, calm and inviting... A home away from home. 






What do our families say about us...

"My boy began his journey as apart of the Little Pipi family when he was 8 months old. I have been blown away by the calm and respectful nature of his teachers and their space. I love that the there low numbers means there is always a teacher ready and available to snuggle my boy up. My son's face lights up and his little legs kick with excitement when we enter the babies space. They are like our extended family, it truly is a home away from home environment with so many beautiful experiences on offer. Thanks so much team for making this time so special for me and my boy" - Harley's Mum xx

"I am a first time mum and have been lucky enough to stumble across the gem of a daycare that Little Pipi is. They have approachable yet professional staff that have made my transition back into work life easy and stress free for bub and me. I love the vibe of the centre and all the activities that they do with the children. They have the old fashioned philosophy of taking back children's play to the basics; jumping in puddles, making mud pies, rolling down hills and growing vegetables (and eating what they grow!). With the occasional trip to our incredible backyard; the beach! Little Pipi is a home away from home. Their relatable staff really are fostering earth babies". - Michelle Harris

"I could go on forever about how amazing Little Pipi is. The teachers are incredible, the natural environment and learning Little Pipi adopts is perfect for my daughter, everyone is so accommodating and I can honestly say, hand on heart, that Little Pipi and it’s teachers have made my daughters transition to our new home here in Papamoa the best it could ever have been. She is so happy there and even wants to go in the weekends! Thanks to ALL of you, I think you’re all wonderful and Pipey does too" - Gina Kensington

"Amazing centre, passionate and engaged teachers who truly care about each child. Lovely environment with lots of plants and natural resources. They see the potential in each child and encourage them to their individual strengths. My daughter loves going to Little Pipis and comes home happy and fulfilled every day" - Vanessa Reed

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