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Welcome to our infants and toddler space

We are super proud of to offer an infants and toddlers space that’s different to the rest. With only 10 children a day and a teaching ratio of 1:3 we can guarantee your precious children won’t get lost in the hustle and the bustle of routines, large numbers and the day.


Our infants room is a welcoming, calm, respectful space where the pace of the day is slow, engaging and guided by daily rhythms. Children are able to freely move through from the indoors to outdoor, where they can learn and explore at their own pace, alongside teachers that have time and passion to engage, cuddle and play.

Our environment is full of beautiful natural materials, and our outdoor area oozes nature and space. Our homely environment is full of love and care, as we try and replicate the home environment as much as possible.

Our small group size and low ratios guided by our community spirit philosophy mean that regular trips to feed the ducks, explore the gardens as well as the extended community are a regular occurrence. Even our tiniest Little Pipi’s get to be embedded in the calmness and tranquillity of nature and the outdoors.


Please pop on in anytime and check us out.










What do Little Pipi infant and toddler parents say about us....

"My boy began his journey as apart of the Little Pipi family when he was 8 months old. I have been blown away by the calm and respectful nature of his teachers and their space. I love that the their low numbers means there is always a teacher ready and available to snuggle my boy up. My son's face lights up and his little legs kick with excitement when we enter the babies space. They are like our extended family, it truly is a home away from home environment with so many beautiful experiences on offer. Thanks so much team for making this time so special for me and my boy" - Harley's Mum xx

"I am a first time mum and have been lucky enough to stumble across the gem of a daycare that Little Pipi is. They have approachable yet professional staff that have made my transition back into work life easy and stress free for bub and me. I love the vibe of the centre and all the activities that they do with the children. They have the old fashioned philosophy of taking back children's play to the basics; jumping in puddles, making mud pies, rolling down hills and growing vegetables (and eating what they grow!). With the occasional trip to our incredible backyard; the beach! Little Pipi is a home away from home. Their relatable staff really are fostering earth babies". - Michelle

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